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What is Internet of Things (IoT) ?

 Before we talk about Internet of Things (IoT), let’s talk about the internet.

Things people do on the Internet:

  • Sending / receiving an email.
  • Posting a photo on Facebook.
  • Following someone on Twitter.
  • Reading / publishing a blog.
  • Catching up on news.
  • Learning about something on Wikipedia.

Simply we can say that people share information with other people about:

  • What they know?
  • What they hear, see and feel?
  • What they are thinking?
  • What they did or doing or plan to do?

What if things could share information with other things (or people)? Like A bridge, a car, a room, a chair, a shoes, soil etc. Now what kind of information things have to share:

  • Soil might say, that My moisture content is so on.
  • Shoe might say, I was purchased on 28TH feb. what is size etc.
  • Living room can say that there is no one is here. it is cold and dark.
  • Car can share that I am going toward Chandigarh at 60 kilometre per hour.

This information could be used by other things / people to do some really cool stuff like:

  • The soil could tell your car to slow down because a slippery section is coming ahead.
  • You could tell the room you are on your way in ( it will turn up heat and turn on the lights).

This is exactly the idea behind Internet of Things or IoT.

Internet Of Things helps “things” (Home, Cities, Cars, Roads etc) to communicate what they know, feel and do with other things or people. These Communications information can be gathered and analysed with people / other things. It doesn’t stop there, instructions can be sent back to things to do some stuff.

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