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STM32 BluePill Library Simulation in Proteus

Hello Tech-enthusiasts, Most of you were constantly messaging me about the problems that they were facing while simulating STM32 in Proteus Professional. It is becoming a constant obstacle for the people in the terms of time, as they need to put more time to create more connections like VDDA and VSSA. I studied the simulations of Proteus Professional and the problems that many individuals are facing that made me come up with the first-ever "stable" new board design STM32 Bluepill Library for Proteus. We'll discuss details about STM32 Bluepill library Simulation, The installation process, advantages, and interfacing with peripherals( Sensors, actuators, displays).     

STM32 Bluepill

Bluepill is a development board with the IC STM32F103, a low-cost advanced board with power 3.3 V and 37 GPIO, ADCs with 12-bit resolution, and 72Mhz clock speed. There is a huge tech fan base of STM32 Bluepill as it provides a way for the user to utilize its functions to enhance the quality of their project. It comes in a compact size that made it feasible for the consumers to use it in their devices to work it better. It is developed to be a part of the community for both professional hardware designers as well as DIY hobbyists. With a huge consumers, a common thing that being coming on the surfaces which is the unavailability of the STM32 Bluepill in Proteus Professional Library. 

Stm32 Blepill library for proteus

First-ever stable Library

For long dedicated hours of work, simulations, and research, I developed the first-ever stable Library for the STM32 Bluepill board that has been tested by unbiased third parties as well. I am in the hardware development industry for about 7 years still look and feel of the product is matter most to me. In the process of the development of the STM32 Bluepill simulation Library, I made sure that people who use my library gets the same pleasure in their simulation. Things like stability of the simulation is taken care of to provide a better experience to the users but if anyone finds any bug while using the library kindly report it on (GITHUB link)

  • Ease to use
  • 40 Pins Header
  • Better Simulation experience
  • High-quality Board design 

Installation of STM32 Bluepill Proteus Library

Library Installation :

  • Download or clone stm32 bluepill for proteus repository.
  • Open the downloaded folder and copy BLUEPILL.IDX and BLUEPILL.LIB file from this folder.
  • Now open the Proteus LIBRARY folder (check your proteus installation folder)

C:\Program Files (x86)\Labcenter Electronics\Proteus 8 Professional\DATA\LIBRARY

  • Now run proteus and open component Library.
  • Search for "STM32" or "BLUEPILL" and you can see your installed bluepill library.

Note: Select board as : STM32F103C6 in STM32CUBEMX or in STM32CUBEIDE. Only code compiled for STM32F103C6 is supported with this library.

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