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How to read temperature sensor of Raspberry Pi Pico

Hi guys, in this blog, i will guide you to read internal temperature sensor of Raspberry Pi Pico board which is inbuilt inside RP2040 chip.

An ADC has two key features: its resolution, measured in digital bits, and its channels, or how many analogue signals it can accept and convert at once. The ADC on RP2040 has a resolution of 12-bits, meaning that it can transform an analogue signal into a digital signal as a number ranging from 0 to 4095 – though this is handled in MicroPython transformed to a 16-bit number ranging from 0 to 65,535, so that it behaves the same as the ADC on other MicroPython microcontrollers.

RP2040 has five ADC channels total, four of which are brought out to chip GPIOs: GP26, GP27, GP28 and GP29. On Raspberry Pi Pico, the first three of these are brought out to GPIO pins, and the fourth can be used to measure the VSYS voltage on the board.

The ADC’s fifth input channel is connected to a temperature sensor built into RP2040.

How to

Reading data from inbuit temperature sensor of Raspberry Pi Pico is quiet easy, just connect pico on USB port, open thonny ide and paste below code.

Now click on green play button to run the script and that's it, you can see fetched data on thonny micropython shell. 

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