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DC Motor with L298 and Raspberry Pi Pico RP2040

In this blog, we will interface DC motors with the Raspberry Pi Pico using L298 Motor driver Module, its connection with Raspberry Pi Pico rp2040 board and how to drive it with Pico.

Warning : Do not drive DC motor directly with Raspberry Pi Pico pins as it may damage rp2040 pins. Here i am using L298 driver circuit which can control speed as well as direction of up to 2 DC motors.

Components Required

  • Raspberry Pi Pico - 1
  • L298 Motor Driver Module - 1
  • DC Motors - 1 or 2 (depend on your application)
  • Jumper Cables - 1 (to make connection with pico and motor driver)
  • USB Cable - 1

Connection And Source code

Connection Diagram :

Source Code :

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