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MQ135 Gas Sensor Simulation in proteus

Hello Guys, In this post i will tell you about my new MQ135 Gas Sensor library for proteus professional. This  MQ135 library for proteus can be used with any kind of circuit simulation where GAS sensor is required. This MQ135 breakout library is compatible with all version of proteus as well as stable for any environment.

You can download it directly by clicking on below link 

Click me to download MQ135 Library for Proteus

Clone or download library file from above link, then copy MQ135.IDX and MQ135.LIB file, and paste is in Proteus installation folder >> LIBRARY . MQ135.hex file is for simulation purpose.

Now restart proteus and open components library , then search for "gas sensor". here you will find your newly added MQ135 Gas Sensor library.

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