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RFID based door lock simulation in Proteus

In this blog, we'll learn to simulate RFID based door lock using Arduino Uno, Serial RFID reader, and Servo motor acting as Gate in proteus professional.

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification is a non-contact technology widely used as a personal tracker, asset management, Metros, Cards, products, etc. RFID mainly consists of two parts, one is Reader and another one is TAG. In this tutorial, I am using a Virtual terminal connected to the RX pin of Arduino as an RFID reader and a Servo motor acting as GATE. To simulate TAG, I am using TAG ID written on a notepad because tag simulation is not possible in proteus.

For this simulation, you need an Arduino board, a Virtual terminal, and one Servo motor. Connect VCC and ground on power pin of servo and connect PWM pin of the servo to pin 9 of the Arduino. Now connect TXD (Transmit pin of RFID) to Pin 0 (RX) of Arduino.

On detection of tag over RFID reader, it will read tag id and out these data to Arduino through its TXD pin. then we can read these 12 IDs through the program and compare it to the control servo.

Source Code:

Video Tutorial:

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