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RelayFi - 4 Channel Relay board based on ESP32

RelayFi is a 4-channel relay board based on ESP32-WROOM-32D with other components like 4 Channel relay, EL357 optocoupler, relay selection jumper, USB port for programming and power supply of the board and Screw Terminal to connect devices or appliances. The board is compact and has the ability to run four devices simultaneously. 


ESP32 Relay Board

RelayFi comes with an onboard ESP32-Wroom Wi-Fi module which can be used to control the relays by using any ide like Arduino, Micropython, esp-idf, etc. One can also control the relay using any other microcontrollers or SBCs by just removing the relay selection jumper and connecting the relay pins with the controller pin (must make common ground in this case). It comes with onboard CH340 ic for an easy USB programming interface. The same USB can be used to power the board. Relay status indicators are provided to show the relay on-off status. It also comes with an I2c connector which can be used to connect external RTC or any type of I2c Sensor. Extra 5v, 3.3V, and GND pins are also available on the board. more details will be added soon.

The Kickstarter Campaign link can be found below.

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